Animal Magnetism: Loving Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara

Along with blush, mascara is one of my daily make up musts. I feel naked without it and have tried tons formulas, brush styles, and brands over the years. When Fiberwig came to Sephora a few years back, I was in love. I am not, however, in love with the new formula – d.j.v beautenizer Fiberwig LX. It doesn’t work as well – picture more clumps, less false lash-like lengths, and big disappointments. What is a beautenizer anyway?  I had barely begun the search for a new and better mascara when I happened upon one a stoop sale across the street from my apartment. My neighbor – who is lucky enough to have a friend at Bobbi Brown – sold me a new, sealed make up kit that included Everything Mascara in addition to a few other gems all for the super stoop sale price of $10! It was love at first application. There was no clumping, no need to wipe excess off the brush, just thick, long and perfectly separated lashes. I’m pretty sure the magic is in the brush. Try it out for yourself and see.

You can find it at Sephora for the not so super stoop sale price of $24.