Netflix Fix: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad had been on my to-watch list for way too long when like manna from heaven, Netflix added seasons 1-3 to its stable of instant titles. I’ve now finished season two and I can safely tell you that this is one of the best series I’ve ever watched. I mean – HOLY GOOD GODDAMN this show is amazing.

Without revealing too much of the plot, the show centers around a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with severe lung cancer. His brother-in-law works for the DEA and upon hearing about a huge crystal meth bust (with huge amounts of cash involved), his interest is piqued. I’ll leave it to you to see how he ends up becoming involved with the drug world. But for real, this show is CRAZY. The suspense is at times barely possible to handle and the “graphic nature” of the show is ridonkulously graphic at times. But, the show is also hilarious and touching and wow, did I mention how amazing this show is?! It’s really much more like watching a movie than a TV series, particularly the pilot.

ANYWAY, check out this trailer for season one, then get thee to your Netflix streaming device and STREAM IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: