Prince Fielder: A Tribute

I have often compared watching baseball to watching a bunch of little kids wait to jump in the pool. There’s a lot of build up (watch me, WATCH ME!), but when the actual jump happens, it’s not that exciting. Even the one jump in 100 that’s actually pretty cool doesn’t make up for all the other nothing. The whole thing is just boring. So while being subjected to the Brewers during this year’s season / playoffs (having a Wisconsin-native bf), I typically zone out. This year, however, I took notice of Prince Fielder and have since deemed him The Most Adorable Athlete to Ever Exist. Read on and allow me to prove my theory.

Exhibit A: Here he is smiling to the max with his kiddies!

Exhibit B: Here he is just chillin’ with his boy Ryan Braun. Ticklefight!

Exhibit C: Now he just wants to give you a big hug!

Thank you, Prince Fielder for being the third best at making baseball watchable! (After snacks and beer, of course.)