Our Eyes, They Bleed: Beverly Feldman Jeweled Boots

The Nordstrom buyers do it again.  For every totally dope DVF on-sale cape they sell, they seemingly have one super weird item that you can’t imagine ANYONE buying.  Ever.  Such as those bizarro Prada boots we talked about earlier on Power Animals.  And now…these crazy Etsy-on-drugs, crazed-crafter-with-a-glue-gun pair of boots by Beverly Feldman.  Are these not totally bizarre?  Or am I just missing the point and they’re actually secretly awesome?  I don’t know…I think they look sort of like a perfectly respectable pair of black boots covered in tumorous looking gems.

What do you think?  Would you pay a whopping $435.00 for these?

Check out these spacey boots at Nordstrom.com.