Azealia Banks: Lady Rapperfection

When I heard Azealia Banks for the first time, it felt like Christmas morning. Not often do I hear new music that I love immediately, less often do I hear new hip hop that I love immediately and even less often do I hear new female MCs that I love immediately. I mean really, there just aren’t enough female MCs. But also, the 20-year-old Miss Banks is just that f-ing talented. SHE. RAPS. FAST. She also raps extremely NSFW (consider yourself warned) and her voice and flow are deliciously different. I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR MORE.

Here’s my favorite track of hers, “Runnin.”

You can download “Runnin” for free at her site. Also, I’d suggest hitting up Pitchfork to hear and download another, perhaps even more intense track, “212.”