Zara’s Take on Belstaff

Zara Rubberised Jacket

credit: zara

The British are sneaking their way back into New York culture like it’s their job. Wellies are on every other pair of dry feet on a rainy day in a trendy British-style gastropub in NYC, and if you work your way up you might see a classic Burberry trench or a waxed Belstaff jacket. I’m still sticking to my all-American L.L. Bean snow boots, but that Belstaff jacket’s always been on my wish list. Zara’s clued into the motherland’s dress code and has given us a lovely gift for the new season: a Belstaff look-alike they’re calling a ‘rubberised jacket.’ Odd name aside, it’s got everything you could ask for: a plaid-lined hood, very British corduroy collar, and that weathered, waxed finish to keep you dry in the rain. At $129, this jacket totally beats Belstaff’s $600 plus price tag, and will make the transition from summer to fall much sweeter.