Leif’s Glorious Sparkly Kitchen Utensils

Yeah, they’re plastic, but they are AAAH so pretty!! Brooklyn based online store Leif has a plethora of fun things for your home, but the items I simply cannot get over are these colorful sparkly kitchen utensils…aren’t they amazing!?  Wouldn’t these be such a cute and wallet-friendly gift for a friend, maybe a good secret santa present?  Yes, they would be.

I couldn’t resist posting all these pictures, I really want them all.  They are clearly the new Pokemon.


Hop on over to Leifshop.com to catch them all!

From top to bottom: Tart Server, $15 / Glitter Salad Set, $34 / Cake Knife, $22 / Butter and Jam Spreader, $7 / Serving Spoon, $18 / Glitter Tart Server, $18 / Glitter Teaspoon Set, $32 / Mixed Berries Teaspoon Set, $32