Animal Magnetism: Love for We Love Colors

If you have ever googled “fuchsia tights,” you have probably found the most amazing tights shop ever with tights of all colors and patterns imaginable. We Love Colors specializes in high-quality tights in hard to find colors that come in multiple thicknesses (from sheer to completely opaque) and tons of sizes (kid/men/ladies/plus-size). But most importantly: 51 colors, whuuut! Yes, it’s true.

They also make leggings, socks, gloves, dancewear, unitards, and many other stretchy items that will keep you warm all fall and winter long. For fun you could use them to make some sort of amazing colorful multi-layered halloween costume, or better yet color block it like it’s hot! My fuchsia tights came in the mail a few days ago and they are thick, soft, and super comfortable. Check out We Love Color’s press blog and style blog for inpsiration.  Major love for this lil’ family-run business!