Chevron Throw from Nube Green

Chevron Throw

credit: nube green

Having a dog means two things: you’re constantly vacuuming an endless supply of hair, and your furniture gets dirty in a day from their muddy paws. Paco’s no exception in my life, so I’ve resorted to a throw blanket system, so that I can wash a throw every couple of weeks instead of hiring a dude to come and clean the upholstery (pricey and impractical).

But practicality isn’t king, it’s style that really reigns in my home, which means that not just any throw will do. I’m always on the lookout for something that’s cute and affordable… and washable, of course. Nube Green has a beautiful throw that’s already on my wish list. It’s a bold geometric chevron pattern in white and navy blue. Just perfect to go on my light blue couch, and machine-friendly to boot. It’s no surprise that this eco-hugging brand is based in the great state of Washington, where good design and nature loving seem to go hand in hand.

Check it out at Nube Green online, for $135, or if you’re lucky and live in Seattle, put your hands on it and email me to tell me whether it’ll be a nice addition to my living room.