Osborn Obsession

When it comes to fashion, I share with PA Hillary an intense love of fun, brightly colored patterns. And mixing patterns! That is my absolute favorite. So when I recently met a girl who was wearing a pair of adorable, brightly patterned oxfords, I obviously had to ask her who designed her shoes. “They’re Osborns,” she said, “and I got them at this store Alter in Greenpoint.” Her response created extreme excitement, as Alter happens to be right in my neighborhood!

Alas, I didn’t quite make it to Alter while Osborn oxfords were still in stock, but imagine my surprise when I recently ran into a friend on the street who exclaimed, “I’ve got to show you the shoes I just bought! Do you know this brand, Osborn?” I had officially born witness to not one, but two Osborn street sightings within a couple of months! And this time, the carrier of the Osborn brand was Mary Meyer in Bushwick.

I decided it was time to take to the internet! Obviously these shoes were cute, but I wanted to know more. The internet taught me that, in addition to the cuteness, the Osborn brand is more of a project, working to combine humanitarian efforts with fashion. You can learn more about the Osborn brand here, but know this: each and every pair of shoes is hand cut and crafted by Guatemalan artisans under quality conditions in the mountains outside of Guatemala City. “So,” I concluded to myself, “let me get this straight: Osborns are globally conscious and  ridiculously cute? The verdict is in: I am so sold.”

You can find Osborn shoes on the Osborn website or at Mary Meyer in Brooklyn.