Power List: 3 Amazing Music Videos Featuring Cats

Without any ado, I would like to present three of my favorite music videos that involve the Felis catus.

#1: “Bo Peep Bo Peep” by K-Pop cuties T-ara. It’s hard to tell what’s more addictive, the song or the dance moves. Not to mention the fact that the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism only recommend this video for people over 19. It’s just THAT suggestive.

#2: “Don’t F*ck with My Cat” by Lumi. I don’t know much about Lumi other than the fact that they’re from Beirut (I think). And really, the cat plays a rather passive role in the video, but the song is sung from the perspective of a cat and they say “BEWARE” a lot.

#3: “Red Lights” by Holy F*ck. Far and away, the most cat-intensive of the bunch. Cat band, cat car chase, cats dancing in psychedelic lights, cats playing with fire? This video has it all! It’s like Drive, but without the violence and the Ryan Gosling. OK, that’s a VERY loose analogy.