As I have established, I love weird Japanese things.  One of my OG favorite Japanese wonders is “Oha Rock,” a super catchy song about … ok, well, first off let me say this.  See that group of young Japanese hotties up there?  That’s an exceedingly popular boy band named SMAP, which stands for Sports Music Assemble People, duh.  They’ve been around since 1991 and are still going strong, from what I can gather.  The guy on the left is Shingo Katori, who I know better as Shingo Mama:

Shingo Mama is a character that Shingo Katori played on the variety show Sata Suma, where he dressed up as a mom and wandered around to various households helping make breakfast and getting kids ready.   (Can you imagine, say, Justin Timberlake doing this?) Due to the popularity of his character, he released a single as Shingo Mama, called “Oha Rock,” about saying good morning.  And something about mayonnaise.  Oh, and yes, that is James Brown for no apparent reason.

Because this is Japan, does it surprise you that this song was used as part of a government campaign to promote family communication?  It should not.