Stationery Staple: Pencils from Write With Moxie

Write with Moxie Pencils

credit: write with moxie

When it comes to plain old pencils, there’s not much out there that straddles the cute/adult divide. Sure, there are plenty of colorful options out there for kids who want Hello Kitty or sparkly hearts on their school supplies, but few options exist for those of us who are past the cartoon-colored school supply age.

Write With Moxie bridges the gap, and brings us an appropriately adult pencil that’s adorably bright. Lisa Bacon, the talented and inspired creative mind behind the brand, started with a crafty side project that has now (…thankfully…) become a full-fledged business. I would love to find out how these pencils are actually made – is this something people do? Craft pencils in their spare time? I’m not really sure, but I do know that I don’t have the time, nor the talent, to make them anyway, so I’m going ahead and buying a box of mint green and orange.

Check out Write With Moxie’s pencils and stamps on their Etsy shop.  The pencils start at $6.50 for a pack of 5.