Steam it Like You Mean it

It is a reality of NYC apartment living that you are constantly short of space for basically anything you want to do, ever. This especially becomes apparent with all things relating to clothes: storing, cleaning, and getting them ready to wear.  Who among us doesn’t have a pile of recently tried on clothes that you need to put back away, but didn’t have time to do so before you left your apartment? If ANYONE doesn’t have that, I commend you (and also, liar).

So basically we all have a bunch of clean-but-wrinkled clothes. How best to de-wrinkle them? Storing an ironing board, getting it out, setting it up, and then ironing? No thanks! Steaming you clothes appears to be a better option, except for the fact that most steamers are expensive and also large and unwieldy.

My friends, I present to you the solution: the travel-size Jiffy Steamer! Priced at about $50 and about the size of a bottle of wine, this steamer is a godsend for apartment dwellers. I’ve used full-size steamers (most cost between $150 and $200), and I don’t think they steam any better than this tiny guy. I’ve had my Jiffy travel steamer for nearly 3 years and it kicks ass. I use it nearly every day and I can de-wrinkle an item in just a few minutes.

Pick one up at Amazon for $50. Worth all of those pennies and more, I promise!