John Carter: I Don’t Get What This Is, But You Best Believe Ima See It

Last night, during the previews before Contagion (which was just OK, by the way), I grabbed PA bud Tinca’s hand and squeeeeeezed, because what had appeared on the screen, but a half naked Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins for you Friday Night Lights fans)!


Tinca and I immediately agreed that we were going to see this movie no matter what, cause duh, half naked Taylor Kitsch.  The movie, called John Carter, has a super perplexing theatrical preview: Kitsch plays the titular character, and he has gone missing, and his nephew is looking for him, but this is like, Civil War America?  Then Kitsch wakes up in a desert and is all “Whaaaa,” and then meets a hot woman, and then hangs out with some green aliens, and jumps real high?  It looks ridic but you know what, who cares, Tim Riggins Tim Riggins Tim Riggins.

PS: a quick look at Wikipedia tells us that John Carter is a character that was created in 1912 by Edgar Rice Burroughs, otherwise known as the creator of Tarzan.  So…that’s something.  In other news, Tim Riggins’ Chest.

John Carter comes out March 9, 2012.