Power List: 3 Bra Brands for the Well-Endowed: Le Mystere, Panache, and Chantelle

Panache, you are doing it for me.

Let’s face it, ladies: if your bosoms are on the larger side, shopping for bras is just about the least enjoyable shopping experience out there. I love shopping for most things, but shopping for bras is straight. up. torture. I’m small around the rib cage and large around the bosom, and most American bra makers don’t even MAKE bras that 1. fit well and 2. are not butt ugly. Therefore, it has become necessary to seek support from lingerie companies across the great Atlantic Ocean, specifically in the UK and France.

I have a lot to say about bras, sizing, and the lack of availability of properly fitting bras (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret). One post won’t even begin to scrape the surface! Most women wear the wrong size bra! Most stores don’t even stock bras that are the right size for most women! Ugh. It is SO frustrating.

So I offer you a list of three brands to seek out when looking for bras that might fit properly:

I’m sure there are many more great brands, but these are three to start with. Those Europeans know how to make bras! They are expensive, yes, but ultimately it is worth it to have everything stay in the right place all day long. Deals occasionally be found at Nordstrom Rack and other similar stores.