The Rachel Zoe Project


The Rachel Zoe Project debuted on September 6th and I was so excited to see it in my DVR once again!  Zoe may be a little batty but she’s a lot of fun to watch (so sad that Brad didn’t come back for another season but oh well, the new male assistant is plenty pretty to look at, we’ll all just have to make do).  I love first episodes because they give you a look at what’s to come, and there were two things that caught my eye.  One was, as you can see above, the debut of Rachel Zoe’s clothing collection.  It is SO epic and I am crying that I don’t have the dollars for some of the items below.  TWO is Joey Maalouf (Zoe’s hairdresser) and his amazing one liners, one of which really blew my mind in the season preview:

Joey image via

“It”, of course, being the baby yet to be born on the show.  Oh Joey!  You say the craziest things.

I have a feeling the real star of the show this season will be her real baby: the Rachel Zoe clothing line.  Check out these beauts!

Ah!  That floor length animal print dress with the beaded collar makes me want to die with longing, and those crazy stacked wedges make me wish I didn’t have sad skinny ankles that can’t take high heels.  I’m just gonna busy myself with praying to Little Baby Jesus that the tan military jacket goes on sale at some point, don’t mind me.

Check out The Rachel Zoe Project every Tuesday on Bravo at ten pm.

1. Metallic Jacquard Strapless Dress, $295.00 / 2. Leopard Print Halter Gown, $575.00 / 3. Bianca Sequin Dolman Top, $275.00 / 4. Single Breasted Wool Jacket, $425.00 / 5. Wool Military Jacket, $525.00 / 6. Faux Fur Trim Wool Coat, $550.00 / 7. Mandana Shoulder Bag, $450.00 / 8.   Double Platform Pump, $395.00 / 9. Melissa Satchel, $475.00