I Want All the Tattoos: Tattly

I don’t know if you guys know this, but believe it: PA Kiki and I have matching tattoos. They look like this:

But much smaller.  Kiki and I got our dots a few years ago and we are v. v. proud of them, I mean hello we are mad tough!  We have tattoos!  You should see the admiration in people’s eyes when we show them our tattoos.  They are like “Whaaaaat did it hurt?” and we’re all “NAH”.

No, seriously.  We have dot tattoos.

Now, I am secure in my extreme level of tattoo toughness, but maybe if I wanted to REALLY impress someone I would go ahead and slap one of these adorable Tattly Temporary Tattoos on:

1. Two Full Sets of “You’re Late”, $15 / 2. “Speak Up”, $5 / 3. “Rabbit”, $5 / 4. “Boombox”, $5 / 5. “Kitchen Utensils”, $5 / 6. “Tattone”, $5 / 7. Knucks, $5 / 8. “Robot”, $5 / 9. “Cursors”, $5

Aren’t they so cute?  Wouldn’t they be adorable additions to some Christmas crackers, or a fun little birthday present for a friend?  Head on over to Tattly to snag some of these cuties, but know this: you will never be as tough and me and Kiki and our dots.  Dots = gangsta.  It is known.