Netflix Fix: Switched at Birth


The PAs have a friend, Tinca, who looooooves her some ABC Family.  She always insists that the shows are more often than not unintentionally hilarious but sometimes even sort of good, and I was like okay Teenc, whatever.  But the other day, while doing some all day baking, I clicked around my Netflix Instant and saw something called Switched at Birth.  PA Kiki told me that Tinca really liked that show so I decided to give it a shot, and ended up watching an entire season in one day.


The show features Vanessa Marano as Bay (above left) and Katie Leclerc (right) as Daphne.  At the beginning of the pilot Bay discovers that her blood type is not the same as her parents, and insists on a DNA test.  They find out that…you guessed it…Bay was switched at birth with a girl named Daphne, who lives on the “wrong side of the tracks” with her half Puerto Rican mother Regina (as a half PR myself I kind of love this).  The families meet and it is quickly revealed that Daphne is partially deaf.  When this development happened I said out loud to myself in my apartment “Ohmygod WHAAAAAT” but the show actually turns it into a really interesting plot point.

One of my favorite characters is Daphne’s friend Emmett, played by Sean Beardy.  Leclerc and Beardy are deaf in real life (Leclerc is partially deaf) and watching them interact when they get in a fight in sign language is pretty amazing…a whole fight can take place in total silence but I really do think that without even using their voices they are able to convey all the emotions that hearing actors would.

via - Emmett (Sean Beardy) being totes adorable

There are twists and turns in the show that actually made me gasp out loud, and the characters are endearing.  If you have a lazy Sunday ahead of you with nothing to watch, consider Switched at Birth!  The new season airs in 2012, so far away!  But at least we have this gem on Netflix Instant to keep us occupied in the meantime.