Dope App: 7 Little Words

Confession: I get bored easily with new games and new apps.  I buy something, love it for a few days, play it obsessively, and then promptly forget about it.  Restaurant Story, I’m looking at you.  So when I downloaded the word game 7 Little Words by Blue Ox (creator of iTunes word game Moxie) I was surprised by it’s staying power…I’ve had it for quite a while now, and it’s my go to game when I need to waste a few minutes waiting on line or on the subway.

Daaamn, look how many levels I’ve done!  Sike, the game is not that hard, it’s just challenging enough that you feel like you’ve accomplished a little something every time you finish a level.  To play, you are given hints and a group of letters, and from those hints you have to find the corresponding words amongst the letters below.  So for example, the hint is “Play Imaginatively”, I was told that it was 7 letters long, and I spotted the groups of letters “pre”, “te” and “nd” below.  Voila.  It’s fun!

You can download 7 Little Words for free!  Free things are so great.  While you’re at it download Moxie, also free and also entertaining.