Girl Crush: Rachel Bilson

It kind of blows my mind that we haven’t already done a girl crush post about this adorable, fashionable, babe of babes because PA Melissa and I looooove her. Rachel Bilson’s hair, clothes, and makeup nearly always look perfectly put together, stylish, but not overdone. She looks awesome in 99.97% of the pictures I’ve seen of her. Just look at the way this lady can rock a simple black, white, and red color palette (perfect for fall, duh). Perfection:


Ok, so she hasn’t done soooo much since The OC (has anyone who was on that show??), but she does have a hilarious/awesome-looking show coming to the CW next month called Hart of Dixie in which she plays a surgeon (!) who has to move from NYC to Alabama for a fellowship or something (the horror). I will be certain to post about it in the future.

Photo credits: Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle. I could have added ten trillion pictures of her looking amazing, but a cursory google image search will assure you that she looks amazing. All the time. See?