Bored at Work: Hyperbole and a Half

When I’m at work, I have lots of things to do.  Since I am a secretary, a lot of those things (at my particular job) are not challenging, and I find that after a few minutes of intense work (bam bam bam) I pretty much have most of the day to d*ck around, reading all of the internet and carefully compiling a REALLY intense amount of blogs to follow in my google reader.

In my interwebs travels I come across a lot of boring blogs and a lot of awesome blogs, and this post is about one of my most faaaavorite blogs: Hyperbole and a Half.

Hyperbole and a Half is written by Allie Brosh, an artist whose simple drawings and hilarious stories make me cry with lulz.  Stories like the time her and her friends repeatedly attacked a babysitter in the woods while pretending to be a pack of wolves or the the time she decided to tell her little sister a super scary story she made up only to end up being the one up all night in fear, are super funny and adorable.

Check out Allie on her blog and follow her on twitter.  Word on the street is that she’s working on a book with lots of original content…I can’t wait!