Decorate Your Home with Giant Washi Tape

Have you guys ever heard of or used washi tape?  Washi tape is basically fancy Japanese masking tape that has become pretty popular for crafting, and every time I see the lovely colors and patterns I want them all so I can make people cute greeting cards and package my cakes nicely.  But then I look at the price and realize that they are $18 bucks for three tiny rolls and I’m like “WTF Japan I am not made of money”, so I pass.

Despite my extreme cheapness when it comes to crafting supplies (no one speak of my addiction to and tenacity in procuring free baker’s twine please) I was really excited to come across a post on Oh Party that linked to a new project for MT Washi, GIANT washi tape to decorate your walls with!

I find myself often paralyzed by choice when I want to decorate my apartment…it took me so long to pick a color for my bedroom walls that my boyfriend Jim just went out and picked a color for us, because he couldn’t stand the five swatches of beige on our green bedroom walls any longer.  SO, the idea of slapping some tape on a wall to spruce things up and then just peeling it off six months later when I inevitably become sick of it is super appealing to me!

I would give you guys prices, etc but I can’t read the website so someone please help me order?  I will give you some baker’s twiiiiine!

Order giant wall washi tape to decorate your digs with, and if you want to craft your little heart out you can find the thinner washi tape all over