Amanda Visell’s Posters for Girls

When Nicki Minaj started Roman’s Revenge with the line, “I am not Jasmine. I am Aladdin.” she was onto something. For every little girl out there that dreams of being a princess, there is another who wants to get shit done herself without waiting for some rich dude to do it for her. My hope is that there are WAY more little girls in category #2, but I haven’t done any market research on the subject.

Anyway, to help fuel the “I’m Every Woman” powers of the world and keep the pretty, pretty princess supply at a minimum, buy a mini lady in your life one of these posters. Gazing at these every day instead of say, Cinderella should make an impact. Or, you know, just buy one for your grown-ass self. It’s always nice to have a reminder that – to quote “Red, White and Blaine” – “We women are just as strong and resilient as you men!” Now, everybody dance!

You can pick up one (or all four) of these posters at the Switcheroo online shop!