La Mer Watches: We be Styliiiiin!

I have always wanted to be one of those glam girls who can wear enormous earrings and 20 bangles with a statement necklace and still look pretty and feminine.  In reality, I know that if I wore all those things at once I would look like an insane bag lady, with only blue eyeshadow and red lipstick all over my teeth needed to complete the look.

So when I started checking out cool watches last year, I got excited…THIS was an accessory that I could rock and I wouldn’t feel like it was wearing me.  In my exhaustive internet travels I have come across a lot of great watch companies, but right now my ultimate fave is La Mer Collections.

With a ton of cute, wearable styles and great prices, La Mer watches are definitely something I covet…out of the above styles I’m trying to decide between the orange wrap watch and the oversized gold and tan.  Luckily, I just got an email today and to promote their new watches, La Mer is offering 25% off all their watches until September 5th.  Just enter NEWLAMER2011 at checkout.  Maybe I’ll just get both!

1. Deep Aqua Patent Odyssey Wrap, $92.00 / 2. White Rose Gold Indo Lucite, $150.00 / 3. Tan Gold Oversize Vintage, $88.00 / 4. Red Gold Bali Stud Wrap, $135.00 / 5. Orange Wrap, $92.00 / 6. Grey-Washed Gold Oversize Square, $110.00