Williams-Sonoma: Secret Geeks?

When I think of Williams-Sonoma, I think of catalogs, copper pots, fancy espresso machines, and free olive oil samples with stale chunks of bread (you can get that particular treasure in-store).  What I normally do NOT think of are geek-tastic cookie cutters and pancake molds, but a quick tour of their website happily proves me wrong.

Superman comic book cookie cutters!  What’s great about these is that with all the elements separated as they are, you can really do a lot with them.  Create different comic covers, or just stamp a piece of dough with the exclamation bubbles, then free hand cut them out for some cute, tiny little cookies.

I swear, if someone gave me a Darth shaped pancake in the morning I would probably die of happiness right then and there.  And the cookie cutters!  The Boba Fett one kind of blows my mind…and what about the Death Star!!  AFTER IT WAS BLOWN UP.  Clearly Williams-Sonoma sides with the Rebel Alliance, good on them.

Just in time for your newly Captain America obsessed child’s return to school…they’ll be the king of the lunchroom chowing down on these awesome cookies while all the other children look on in envy.  I mean, I don’t have kids but I imagine that basically you just want yours to be the most awesome/coolest/bestest and this is achieved by laboring over elaborately decorated cookies, right?  Right.


Now, a little decorating tip…you see these cookies on the Williams-Sonoma site, and you are like wow yay I will make these and impress everyone!  And then you buy them and quickly realize you have to make like, 20 different colors of royal icing and you have to spend an entire weekend up to your elbows in sugar trying to decorate them and maybe they come out pretty good but maybe not, because decorating cookies with that much attention to detail (hello Death Star) is pretty effing hard.  SO!  I have a tip for you guys.  Bake some sugar cookies, and when they are cooled and nice and firm, use the above pictured Ateco Food Dye markers to draw right on the cookie, using the stamped image from the cutter as your guideline.  I have used about four different brands of markers with edible food dye in them and the Ateco ones are by far the best, and this is a REALLY great price for the full set.   They are so fun and easy…just use them as you would regular markers!

If anyone makes some cookies using this method make sure to send some pictures our way!

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