Power DIY: Pink and Gold Triangle Manicure*

It is clear that most of the PAs are just a little obsessed with manicures and nail art. But since a gel manicure with a sweet design costs a minimum of $45 per manicure at our fave Calgel spots in NYC, I can’t really justify the cost on a regular basis.

I am also not one of those people who has any talent at painting my own nails.  I just can’t do it. But, I’ve managed to find a DIY solution for people like me! You still have to get a manicure at your local salon, but you pimp it out and personalize it on your own. Here are the steps:

  • Find your cheapest gel manicure salon. Our local go-to is the classy (for Williamsburg!) Primp & Polish. Not super cheap, but it’s close and you can walk in. They have a ton of colors and gel manis start at $27. Unfortunately they don’t have Calgel, but they do have a ton of other gel polish options.
  • Go to Duane Reade or CVS or Walgreens or Ricky’s or wherever you can buy one of these Kiss Nail Artist kits for about $6. They come with 3 colors and tons of stickers, stencils, and rhinestones. It will last you forever.
  • Use the chevron-shaped stickers that come in the Kiss Nail Artist kits. Place them either at the top or the bottom of your manicure. In the interest of making your gel manicure last longer (and save you even more $$$) make your little triangles at the bottom of your nails. You can fill in the bottom with more color in a week when they grow out a tiny bit.
  • Fill those triangles in with a contrasting color. I chose hot pink and solid gold because that’s how I roll.
  • Cover with a clear topcoat.

Tada! Easy, cheap DIY nail art that maximizes how long your gel manicure lasts. The pic at the top of this post is about 2 and a half weeks after I got the original gel mani.  You can notice a tiny bit in the picture where the gel manicure ends and I’ve filled in with gold, but in person it wasn’t really noticeable at all. Making that $27 manicure LAST!

*Ok, well this is really half professional, and half DIY. But seeing as I’m a person who can’t really paint her own nails, it felt pretty DIY to me!