Power List: 5 Lemonades to Love

I’ve been on a big lemonade kick this summer and have found refreshing lemonades to love all over New York from a little girl’s stand on Henry Street to a new juice bar at Rockaway Beach. Here are a few of my favorites that have made the summer sweeter.

1. Classic lemonade at Zafi’s Luncheonette at 500 Grand Street between Columbia and Abraham Place in Manhattan

I happened upon Zafi’s while attending a professional development workshop at PS 134. It was the closest lunch option and served up a nice tuna melt in addition to the most delicious classic lemonade. This lemonade was loaded with sugar, shaken up and poured over ice leaving nice frothy bits. Delicious.

2. Strawberry lemonade at Kitchenette at 156 Chambers Street between West Broadway and Greenwich Street in Manhattan

I pass Kitchenette everyday on my way to and from work, but had yet to try it until a friend recommended their strawberry lemonade. This homemade pink drink is full of sweet berry flavor and bits of strawberry pulp. It’s definitely one of the best strawberry lemonades I’ve tried.

Watermelon limeade from Cobblestone Foods

3. Watermelon limeade at Cobblestone Foods at 199 Court Street between Bergen and Warren Streets in Brooklyn Cobblestone Foods advertises their watermelon limeade on a chalkboard outside the store. This sign turned out to be a tease, as I had to stop in five times before finally trying a cup (they sell out fast!). It was worth the wait. PA Kiki’s reminder that watermelon and lime makes the perfect flavorful summer snack certainly holds true for these fruits in beverage form.

4. Mango mint lemonade at Bien Cuit at 120 Smith Street between Pacific and Dean Streets in Brooklyn

Bien Cuit is new to Smith Street and primarily sells amazingly delicious breads and other baked goods. They have a few drinks too, including a super delicious mango mint lemonade. It’s cold, refreshing, and filled with bits of mint and tiny pieces of icy mango. This one is a really nice balance of sweet and sour.

5. Cucumber mint lemonade at La Sonrisa at the Hester Street Fair on Saturdays

La Sonrisa is known for their empanadas, but serves up a few cool beverages as well. PA Nina and I enjoyed their lovely cucumber mint lemonade with Chicago style hotdogs from Snap last weekend at the Hester Street Fair. Cucumber should be in more summer drinks! The slight sweetness of the cucumber went perfectly with this tangy lemonade.

Enjoy one (or all) of these lemonades before summer’s up!