The NYTimes Style Section: How DO they do it?

I know, I know, the NYT feels that it is their duty to keep all the “olds” informed of what the “youngs” are doing but oh good lord is it just a mess sometimes! PA Kiki pointed out a gem a couple weeks ago with the earth-shattering news that girls wear dresses in the summer?!?!? Then there was this fave from last month illustrating the clear goal of the Times to ruin everything that is fun about the Rockaways with their attempt to coin the term “Rocapulco.” Or this extremely important piece from earlier this week about how Taylor Swift’s fans think she invented the ‘hand heart‘ and get mad when other people use it.


Now, I love a good collection of unimportant nonsense (see: US Weekly, Cosmo, etc.) but the real problem is that these articles are not actually appearing in the Onion. It’s truly a pity because they are funny.

I will leave you with a quote from this jewel of journalism from a couple of summers ago entitled “It’s Hip to Be Round” about POTBELLIES ON DUDES: “What the trucker cap and wallet chain were to hipsters of a moment ago [try 10 years ago (trucker hat) and 15-20 years ago/never (wallet chain)], the Kramden [potbelly] is to what my colleague Mike Albo [guy who was fired a month after this article came out for violating the Times’ ethical standards] refers to as the “coolios” [barf!] of now.” Thanks so much for keeping me informed of the fact that when dudes get older, sometimes they get potbellies even if they are “coolios.”

I love you, NYTimes Fashion & Style. I really do.