Power List: 5 Reasons to See Beginners

I loved this movie. From the dialogue to the clothes to the awesome acting, this is at the very top of my movies for 2011. While not without flaws, I was swept up in this clever, playful and touching flick.

Here are 5 reasons to see Beginners:

1. The wonderful story: Based on the life of writer/director Mike Mills, the movie interweaves the story of a man’s relationship with his dying (and recently out of the closet father) with an incredibly romantic story of falling in love.

2. Beautiful acting: I totally fell for all 3 of the main characters in this movie. Played by Ewan McGregor, girl crush Melanie Laurent and Christopher Plummer, respectively, each actor was totally believable and moved effortlessly through the varied moods and levels of this film ranging from playful to heart-wrenching.

3. An impossibly cute dog.

4. Melanie Laurent’s wardrobe and hair. The absolute epitome of casual, effortless style. I would die to have my hair look that perfect mix of messy meets sexy.

5. Along with being very talented, Ewan McGregor is real easy on the eyes!