Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week



  • Watch Katy B’s new video for “Witches Brew.” A little Gaga, a little Twilight… She’s kinda Victoria-esque.
  • Bringing back the written word: Snail Mail My Email is an art project that transforms your email to handwritten letters.
  • SOO excited for Jeffrey Eugenides’ new book “The Marriage Plot” out in Oct. Unrequited love triangle set in 80s!


  • Way too excited about this: Zara is finally launching e-commerce site!!


  • Effie Trinket – that is, Elizabeth Banks – talks about the Hunger Games. This is one casting we are down with.
  • Soon, no more copay for the pill! Great news for those not seeking to breed. Not that theres anything wrong with that.
  • We love that Miley Cyrus’ gay rights tattoo sparked a debate among her fans.


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