Netflix Fix: “Fiddle Dee Dee!”

Since Netflix upped their monthly charges for one DVD and unlimited streaming from $10.95 to $15.99, I have been feeling some agita…the streaming options are still not all that great, and so to justify keeping it I have been trying to weed out the gems in their lineup, something that’s not so easy.

This may seem sort of a silly recommendation since it’s no secret that this is a great movie, but as I was browsing Netflix Instant on my PS3 I came upon that all time classic Gone With the Wind and decided to go for it.  At a solid four hours, this movie is not for someone who wants a quick tv fix, but it is REALLY great if you have the time.

Let’s talk about the awesomeness that is Gone With the Wind, shall we?

1.  Vivien Leigh.  WTF.  She is INSANELY gorgeous!  Of course that is well-known but did you know that she can do facial acrobatics with her eyebrows?  I’ve never seen anyone act so much with their eyebrows since Peter Gallagher.

Fact: That right eyebrow will eat you alive.

2. Clark Gable.  His lines are actually really funny!  Like, for real funny.  Not old timey funny.  Although his mustache is sort of weird, he plays the dashing rogue quite nicely, and the spark between him and Vivien is undeniable.

3.  THE COSTUMES.  Oh my God!  The first scene with Scarlett as a teenager at Tara is amazing…a gorgeous white dress with a little red belt, red shoes and red barrettes in her hair is mind-blowing.

When she stands up the skirt is gloriously full.  I read that the skirts were so large that the film could not accommodate two full skirts standing next to each other, so everyone else had to wear limper skirts when they were doing one on one scenes with Scarlett.  Insane.

Another gorgeous outfit is a long red velvet robe with lace trim that she wears during a scene where Rhett gets a little, um…rapey?  Two big downfalls of the movie…the scene just described, and the portrayal of African-Americans.  Did you know there’s a woman in the movie whose IRL name is Butterfly McQueen?  Her character Prissy is written as the most annoying and simple-minded person ever and is pretty offensive to watch, unfortch.

The costumes though…no one could find fault with them.  Look at those sleeves!  That collar!  THAT EYEBROW.

There are a million other reasons to watch the movie (not one of them is oldster Leslie Howard as Vivien’s obsession, Ashley Wilkes.  While he is a fine actor, he is supposed to be 21 at the start of the book, and yet he is old and sort of not that great looking, and the whole time you wonder why Scarlett is so crazy over him) but I won’t belabor the point.  Take a lazy Sunday, make some southern comfort food, and then watch Vivien kill it as Scarlett for four hours.  You won’t regret it.

If you guys have any good Netflix Streaming suggestions, let us know in the comments!  I am dying to watch something new.