Indian vs. Indian, Bringing More Pendleton Love

I can’t believe I’m at it again! Who the hell wants to even think about Pendleton wools in hundred degree heat? So let’s not blame it on my intense crush on these timeless fabrics. Let’s blame it on the fact that I’m now officially regularly working out, and I need a new gym bag. Just ignore the fact that I don’t actually go to the gym (running outside is my m.o.). Everyone needs a solid gym bag, and who really wants to tote around some wack-looking nylon dud? No self respecting style conscious lady would!

Indian vs Indian Canvas Duffle Bag

credit: indian vs indian

I find that I’m often drawn to more masculine brands when it comes to travel-related accessories. Women’s brands too often veer towards overly girly, overly pocketed, overly bright designs in their travel gear. Sometimes a girl wants to go simple, light, and non-descript. Something that says she’s a subtly fashionable sophisticate. What better way to do that then with white canvas and a touch of Pendleton?

Indian vs Indian Canvas Duffle Bag Teepee

credit: indian vs indian

The folks at Indian vs. Indian have my number, and their canvas duffle bag hits just that sweet spot. I know I can fit my volleyball, knee pads, and sneakers in this kit, and I won’t give up an ounce of chic by toting this around. Yes, it’s $105, but if you work out regularly or take off every now and then for a weekend, it’ll be money well spent.

Check out the duffles and much more truly awesome stuff at Indian vs. Indian on Etsy.