Degrassi: Now or Never

Summer is here, and with Summer comes Degrassi!

Based on the Canadian show Degrassi Junior High  (you remember that show, right?), Degrassi: The Next Generation has been going for 11 seasons.  It’s a huge hit in Canada and is one of the more popular shows on Teen Nick, and I looooove iiiiiiit.  It’s so crazy!  For instance, in the first episode of the new season alone, the character Drew Torres (who shares a name with my brother) has to join a gang and kill someone in the first episode because his girlfriend used to date a jerk in a gang who tried to rape her.  Meanwhile, Drew’s transgender brother is busy meeting a cute girl at school, while the hottest girl at school has her first lesbian experience (she describes herself as a lesbian “noob” and gets freaked out when she is kissed on her first girl on girl date).  Sav and Alli Bhandari, brother and sister duo (they’re my faves y’all) meet and hang out with some pop star named Keke Palmer while two other kids struggle with their newborn child.  The show is often over the top but the actors are earnest, the abouts sound like “aboot”s and the writing is deliciously melodramatic.

Sav and Alli Bhandari = Cutest Bro and Sis Ever

I will credit the show with really attacking issues that teens are dealing with in an unflinching manner.  The show’s tagline is “Degrassi: It Goes There” which is not only hilarious, but straight up true.

The newest season, entitled “Now or Never,” deals with yet another group of actors graduating and moving on from the titular high school and the show, and since this group of kids has been my favorite yet I’m definitely going to be sad when it’s over.

You can watch Degrassi episodes online, or catch the show on Teen Nick Monday through Thursday at 9pm (the show has a sort of blitzkrieg style of programming…one month of new shows, every day for most of the week.  It’s great for when there’s nothing to watch during the Summer).