Kate Spade v Cambridge Satchel Company

All summer I have been lusting after the new Kate Spade Essex Scout Bags…so bright!  Classic shape!  Simple, I could use it forever!

image credit: nordstrom.com

Unfortunately, at almost 400 smackers, I couldn’t afford it.  So I waited. I told myself they would go on sale.  I stalked the bag online.  No sale came, and when they did the bag was not offered.  Finally I forgot my dream and lived my life.  That is until today, when I was browsing some style blogs and came upon this photo:

image credit: www.kayture.com

image credit: www.kayture.com

You guys, W. T. F.  A) That orange bag screams to me.  Imagine wearing it with a cute dress and some oxfords during the summer?  What about some boots and a blazer in the fall?  Brightening up a dark coat during the winter?  MUST HAVE NOW.  B) I have been stalking that tan dress (from Zara) for a while now, but the stores never have the size or the color I want.  So basically, this lovely style blogger has stolen my dream wardrobe, and I am jealous.

After seeing that bag in such a perfect outfit, I decided this: never give up on your sartorial dreams.  So I started digging around and found out that some people seem to think that Kate Spade was, ahem, “inspired” by Cambridge Satchel, a company that was started by a mom who couldn’t find the perfect British school bag for her child in 2008.  Her new fluorescent satchels are a huge hit and at a friendlier price point (around $200 with shipping to America) I feel a little better about splurging on something I know will be quality and long lasting.

image credit: rdujour.com

You can even get them embossed with your name!  Snag a Cambridge Satchel in different sizes and colors (including tamer colors such as tan and black) at cambridgesatchel.co.uk.