Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week


  • Amazing photographs from the Arctic to cool down your eyes on hot days.
  • This video of a man exclaiming over an illegal fireworks display is making us cry from laughter:
  • Ana Montiels colorful and sweet graphics
  • Aaah love these woodcut prints from the Tugboat Printshop so much!




  • Uh oh, Google + trouble: Suspending accounts for kind of no good reason.
  • Um. Has the NYTimes run out of news? This basically says “Dresses, they are cool/comfy, can you believe it?”
  • Ladies, defend thyselves!! Also, gentlemen. Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do
    • Parks and Recreation has cast Tammy 1 – and it’s perfect.


  • Check out pics from the Serious Eats Sandwich Festival