Dope App: Songify

While at the beach for a week with Jim (live-in-lover) and other buds, PA Kiki found the app “Songify”.  Upon my return to the shore house after a dinner out with my LIL I found Kiki and others cracking up so hard I felt like I was back in high school.  My friends had downloaded the app and were creating their own silly, auto-tuned songs and somehow, the results were suuuper hilarious.

All you have to do is speak into the phone and then choose the type of music you would like to set your words to.  The music of course is very cheesy and lo-fi, and there are only three options, but for zero dollars it’s well worth the download.  The app is free for a limited time, and you can purchase bundles of other styles of music for $0.99.  Songs were recorded with lyrics such as “Tinca, I’m sorry you stubbed your toe” and “The area between your butt and balls is called the taint” (which of course, is something we learned from Cosmo Magazine earlier this year).  Yes.  That happened.  And it was awesome.

Grab this app for nonstop lulz on iTunes, then send us your compositions.  Best song about Power Animals wins a cyber hug!