Spoonflower For the Most Personalized Projects

I don’t know if it’s just me but I cannot for the life of me find a throw pillow that I like for less than $70.  My life is so hard, right?  Anyway, while trying to overcome this VERY REAL problem, I of course, being of the “oh I am sure I could totally make that” school of thought (please note, it is rare that I can actually make that) did a lot of looking for fabrics that strike my fancy, and again, very few fabrics did the fancy strike, at least at a reasonable price!  Enter: Spoonflower.  An on-demand fabric printing store, it totally appealed to my crash and burn DIY aesthetic.  When no other fabric will do, perhaps I could just make one myself!  And then, when I proceed to discover that making a fabric pattern is harder than it looks, maybe I can order a fabric someone else has designed!

This fabric by domesticate is going to look dope on my couch.

Spoonflower catalogs the patterns of aspiring designers so that failing aspiring fabric designers can reap the benefits.  There is for sure a lot chaff in the bunch but there are some very talented people out there, and in my browsing I totally found some great prints that I plan to make all sorts of stuff out of.  All the designs can be printed on a variety of weights and fabric blends, so you can get, say, this gorgeous watercolor print in a silk crepe de chine and make a head scarf out of it, or this sweet pantone chip fabric, in a cotton-linen blend, and make totally modern tea towels out of it! For all your friends!  Christmas, solved.  You’re welcome!

Eventually I will get around to figuring out how to illustrate my dream fabric (pictures of my face, and one of my boyfriends face, for the creepiest throw pillows ever), but until then, I will rely on the bounty of the Spoonflower purveyors.