Brouwerij Lane: Where Some People Know Your Name

Living in New York City, it is a bit hard for a person to go into an establishment, be it a grocery store, bar or restaurant, where everyone knows her name. But if you are a frequent patron of Brouwerij Lane, a Greenpoint beer merchant and generally awesome place to drink delicious beers, some people definitely will. My boyfriend is a regular visitor to Brouwerij Lane and likes to drink a cold brew whilst chilling with the super knowledgable fellas who work there, some of whom (I’m pretty sure) know his name. And that’s what is so awesome about Brouwerij: it is one part beer store and one part bar, but all parts chill neighborhood hang out spot.

Brouwerij Lane Growlers

Photo credit: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

So whether you visit Brouwerij to hang on the back patio, make some new friends, look at a Burt Reynolds art exhibition or buy a four pack of Six Point or a growler of tasty beer, please make sure to have a sweet old time in one of my most favorite places in Greenpoint, BK.