Essie Geranium – A Rad Summer Red

Depending on the shade and the context, the color red in makeupland can evoke so many adjectives: glamorous, dated, tacky, chic, trampy, bold, luxurious and on and on. Hence, I have traditionally shied away from red makeup, afraid of taking a misstep and ending up looking like a two-bit hooker (yes, readers – a prostitute so low-class that she’s forced to take a currency that doesn’t even exist anymore). Beauty anxiety.

Enter Essie’s Geranium! Upon getting my latest pedicure at the tiny, friendly neighborhood spot Himal Nails and Spa, I decided to break from my traditional choices (neutrals, metallics and wacky colors like blue or neon green) and venture into ladyland with this particular shade of red. It leans towards both coral and orange without being too much of either. It’s also not TOO red. It’s just enough red to pop, but not enough to drag down. In short, it’s a rad summer red!

Pick up a bottle at Essie’s site or grab it off the shelf at your fave nail salon.