When Mantras Fail: Beta Fashion Maxi Skirt

Beta Fashion Malibu Haze Maxi Skirt

Credit: ASOS

This morning I put on a decidedly French Would Do outfit, and am sitting at work feeling great about my mantra. Then why is it that, when I came across Beta Fashion’s ‘Malibu Haze’ print maxi skirt my jaw just about dropped to the ground. I mean, this thing is just amazing, but I could never justify buying it under the auspices of FWD (or for its steep price, at $258). This makes me sad. But it will be bookmarked in my browser and I will look at it longingly until one day, maybe, ASOS decides to grant my wish and put that printed sucker on sale.

If you don’t aspire to FWD, or perhaps wish to skip to would fabulous retiree wear (as we know, retirees never fear so much color), then go ahead and check out the maxi on ASOS.