Spied it, Tried it: Palm Sugar Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen

When this ice cream round up from Adam Platt of New York Magazine came out a couple of weeks ago we were very excited. The emails were all “Yay, it’s summer! Yay for ice cream! Yay for trying all of them!” And so begins our tough endeavor for the summer: to eat our way through the ice cream offerings of this yummy city. First up: Palm Sugar ice cream from Van Leeuwen.

Credit Laura O'Neill Verdict: delicious! Palm sugar is sweet as all get out and has a lovely burnt sugar flavor. The ice cream tastes like dulce de leche ice cream having sexy time with creme brule. So basically, sugar. Creamy, burnt sugar. But more intense. It is the awesome.

Try Van Leeuwen ice cream at any of their store locations in Greenpoint, the East Village, and Boreum Hill, or at any of their trucks (check twitter for locations). There is usually one parked in Williamsburg on Bedford near north 8th or 9th, dangerously close to my abode.

There are some among PAs who feel that fruity ice pops reign supreme in the summer. I love all sweets, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of those on the blog this summer as well. Yay for warm weather! Yay for cold treats!