Love for Victoria’s Secret Swimwear

I’m a little embarrassed to say that until this summer almost every bathing suit I owned was a basic piece from an Old Navy sale rack. These separates – though inexpensive and stylish enough – leave a lot to be desired in terms of fit and quality. Inspired by my new appreciation for properly fitting bras, I decided to try swim tops that come in bra sizes hoping to alleviate some of the fit problems I’ve had with the S/M/L size options offered at Old Navy and most chains. I turned to Victoria’s Secret because of their large selection (of styles and colors) and the many pesky emails I was getting about their sales and shipping deals.

Forever Sexy Push Up Bandeau

I had to order and try on four different tops and six bottoms before finding two of each piece to keep, but am pretty happy with the end result. I’m really loving the Forever Sexy Push Up Bandeau (try to ignore the various annoying “sexy” names). It’s supportive and creates a really nice shape that doesn’t flatten your chest like so many lesser bandeaus do. It also has a removable strap with different loops so the size can be adjusted. Overall, I’ve been impressed with my purchases and the supportive structure of the tops. But I have a few words of advice to new VS swim shoppers. Firstly, the bottoms run pretty small particularly in the hips, so order a size up especially if you’re wider in that area. Secondly, beware of padding! While some styles have simple light lining, others are super padded for dramatic effects. Read the descriptions carefully so you know what you’re getting.

Shop Victoria’s Secret’s swim collection on their website.