Drinking the Kool-Aid: Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel

I’m a sucker for a few things in consumer life–made for tv products, sample-size beauty product bundles, the false idea of ‘saving more than you spend’ when things are on sale–to name a few. But the thing I am the absolute biggest sucker for is positive reviews, whether for movies, restaurants, or my recent favorite: skin care products. There is just something in me that believes in the ultimate truth of the aggregate experience of hundreds of strangers, even if in reality we are all just drinking the delicious, sweet, placebo effect-flavored kool-aid.

And so I present to you Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel. A product with more than a thousand 5-star reviews on Sephora’s website. One with accolades from people with ALL skin types and issues. A product that, when I had it in my hand in the store, no fewer than 4 strangers stopped me to tell me how much I was going to loooove it.

It’s a product that is meant to do what most skin products aim to do: rejuvenate your skin to make it appear more youthful. I have dry, sensitive skin, so products with the words “peel” and “acid” and “crystals”  scare me. But I have learned that some of these products, especially ones with AHA and lactic acid, are actually super helpful for people with really dry skin. And yes, this particular one is amazing. Kool-aid = drank. My skin felt smooth and soft, and looked bright and very slightly less fine line-y. When your skin is moisturized and well-exfoliated, you use less product afterword, which equals more savings to spend on more skin products and clothes. Endless cycle.

At $65, Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel isn’t cheap, but it breaks down to only a few dollars per use. You can also test it out at the store or check Sephora’s website for sample availability. Or, you can come over for a facial. I promise your skin will feel soft and awesome.

Every product has it’s detractors, like this lady, who tends to hate much that I love. But whatevs, is her real, expert, smart-sounding review worth more than the reviews of thousands of nameless non-expert people? No, so she can eat it. Juuust kiiiidding. But, her review does make me at least think for one single moment about believing everything I read on Sephora.com. Even though I LOVE it and I want to believe my anonymous internet friends. I love you, internet friends!