Summertime Snacking

Glorious melon. Photo via flickr.

When it gets hot – and here in New York it can get real NASTY hot – my normally robust appetite goes the way of the dodo.  It is not unusual for my summertime dinner to consist of some ice pops or string cheese and watermelon.  Not balanced, I know, but when I am sweltering in my apartment all I want is fast, light, and cool.  So when I recently discovered that squeezing some lime on a watermelon and then sprinkling a little cayenne pepper on it = magic deliciousness in my mouth, I knew I had a new dinner staple.  But for you normal people, I highly recommend  having this as a snack on a hot day.  Or, you know, right now.  It is THAT good. It just occurred to me that this combo would make a killer sorbet… or interesting daquiri…

I may have to experiment!