Utilitarian Chic: Fleabags

The Original FleabagWhen I first set my eyes on the Original Flea from Fleabags, I was sold. First, I’m a sucker for the utility bag (how long have I wanted but for some reason not bought the Klein tool bag? Too long.) Second, I’m a pushover for raw canvas with undyed leather accents (see Klein tool bag, above). But the Klein tool bag is just that – a tool bag, and purely utilitarian. The Fleabags bring a dose of luxury to the table, complete with a striped lining, inner pockets, and top-quality canvas and leather.

Pendleton FleabagThis is all well and good, but the price tag is a little steep, until they go on sale! The folks at Fleabags know what I want, because right now, they’ve got bags that have a THIRD element that I will rarely turn down: Pendleton wool. What? Did I just say that? Yes, my friends, a Pendleton wool Fleabag.

Now go on, check them out, they’re on sale for $291 at Fleabags.