Style Stalking: My Fave Style Blogs

I am weirdly obsessed with personal style blogs. There’s something strangely compelling about looking at some stranger’s outfit everyday – it’s both voyeuristic and inspirational. That being said there are a lot out there that I don’t love, either due to the poor quality of the photographs, or the fact that the girls seem to have an endless amount of money with which to buy the latest designer duds. In general, my faves are relatable, down to earth girls who can make a Gap shirt look awesome and don’t spend a million dollars on super trendy handbags and shoes. Having a nice camera and taking consistently great photos doesn’t hurt either!

1. The Concrete Catwalk 2. This Time Tomorrow 3. What I Wore 4. my.edit 5. Kendi Everyday

In no particular order, my top five are:

The Concrete Catwalk
Jessie is a stylist living in Kansas City. Aside totally coveting her great hair, I am into her simple styling solutions, like cutting holes into an overlarge mini dress and belting it on the inside to give it shape – brilliant!

This Time Tomorrow
I love how Krystal embraces color and always has rad accessories – but mostly I just like this blog because sometimes there are nice shots of San Francisco (one of my most fave cities). Also the girl works for, which I am v. jealous of.

What I Wore
Jessica Quirk of What I Wore has a background in fashion and garment construction, which is obvious in her many self-made clothes. Despite being a million feet tall and looking great in all her outfits – a mix of vintage, thrifted, and (affordable) new stuff – she comes across as genuine and down-to-earth. She has also been able to legitimize her blogging into a career, and her new book, based on aspects of her blog, comes out next month!

Jentine is a thrifting queen with a penchant for sequins, a trait after my own magpie heart. The fact that she went to school for fashion design but has a successful career in landscaping is, in my book, a pretty awesome dichotomy. She manages to look fantastic on a budget, and makes me think that Canada has a serious advantage in terms of thrift stores.

Kendi Everyday
Kendi is a fashionable and funny lady who lives in a small town in Texas. She has a wry, depreciating writing style, and her outfits are a nice mix of thrifted and mall store (J. Crew, Gap, etc), which she manages to pull off with panache.

Am I alone in this or do you have favorites too? Let me know in the comments!