Fun + Beauty = Jung Ee Eun

Drippings Brooch


When I came across jewelry designer Jung Ee Eun‘s “Drippings” collection in the magical interwebs, I immediately had to learn more. I found out that she is from Seoul (home of so many amazing things) and has a really awesome design philosophy. From her site:

“Fun & Beauty is source of my idea and I believe there exists beauty anywhere even in a rubbish thrown away. I like the process of deriving fun stories from things we are very used to but pay no attention to.”

1.  Gold Axe Necklace, $60. 2. Rough Stone Earrings, $46. 3. Drippings Ring, $110. 4. Bread Silver Chain Necklace, $30.

Aren’t you charmed? The “Drippings” items are so luxurious, yet organic and a tiny baguette necklace? Swoon.

Find out more about Jung Ee Eun at her website and her Supermarket page.