Matilda: The Musical

This is one of those times when I am SO sad I don’t live in England.  I have always been a huge fan of Roald Dahl (I even got to see a Quentin Blake exhibit with PA Kiki once while I was last in London), so this musical about child genius Matilda is right up my alley.

The trailer for the musical is great…it’s sort of creepy, and reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall (which now that I think of it, is sort of the perfect soundtrack to Matilda’s fight against the evil Miss Trunchbull).

If you’re in London, click on over to read more about the musical and to book tickets (lucky ducks). If you’re stuck across the pond like me, let these sweet posters by Andrew Bannecker soothe your soul, then reread the book! Matilda Wormwood + Miss Honey = awesome times one million.