Whimsy Galore with Ange-Line Tetrault

Little Helpers, Ange-Line TetraultI’m giddy over these little gold-topped kitchen helpers! These adorable gnome objects were designed by Ange-line Tetrault, an artist with a background in industrial design who has an unparalleled gift for whimsy. Curious to learn more about the designer, I took to the interwebs only to discover that Tetrault has much more to offer than gnomes.

Little Red Riding Hood, Ange-line TetraultTetrault draws inspiration from nature and popular culture, hence her constant references to myths and fairytales. Her background in theater must be part of the reason that each piece seems to tell a playful story about ourselves and the things that surround us.Hidden Animal Teacups, Ange-Line TetraultFrom a unicorn bud vase (flowers go into the tip of the horn) to a pair of Little Red Riding Hood salt holders, to a squirrel holding a bounty of loose acorns (PA Kiki beware!), every piece is purchase-worthy. But my favorite by far are the hidden animal teacups – white ceramic teacups with white ceramic animals inside. As you sip, an animal head emerges, maybe just peeking up for a bit of air. Ingenious.

Check out Ange-Line’s full line on her website, and a more complete collection on Coroflot. You can get the gnome bottle opener at the SF MOMA online store for just $25!